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What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water, also known as alkaline water, is produced through electrolysis, a process that separates water into acidic and alkaline components. This method adjusts the pH level, typically towards alkalinity, and enriches the water with hydrogen. Research suggests potential health benefits such as improved hydration, antioxidant properties, and neutraliSing bodily acidity.

How Water Ionizers Work 

Water ionizers employ platinum-coated plates as crucial components in the electrolysis process. These plates, made of titanium and coated with a thin layer of platinum, play a pivotal role in facilitating the ionization of water. As an electric current passes through these platinum-coated electrodes, they catalySe the separation of water into alkaline and acidic components.

The platinum coating is chosen for its excellent conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion. This ensures a consistent and efficient electrolysis process, allowing users to achieve the desired pH levels in both alkaline and acidic streams. The use of this plate type enhances the reliability and longevity of water ionizers, contributing to their effectiveness in providing ionized water for those seeking potential health benefits or customised hydration options.

Understanding body pH

The pH scale measures acidity from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Our body fluids, particularly blood at 7.4, slightly lean toward being alkaline. Any imbalance can disrupt our system, causing metabolic issues and toxin buildup.

Diet plays a role; some foods, like lemons, shift from acidic to alkaline after digestion. It’s essential to be mindful of how our food choices impact our body’s internal balance.

While our body has natural ways to regulate pH, excessive acidity may result in storing uneliminated acids in fat cells, potentially contributing to weight retention. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for maintaining a healthy internal environment.

In this context, incorporating alkaline ionized water can be beneficial. It contributes to maintaining the body’s alkaline balance, assisting in neutralising excess acidity and supporting overall pH stability. “Stay alkaline” involves not just dietary choices but also considering alkaline ionized water to support the body’s natural processes.

sss What is Ionized Water?

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants serve as crucial elements in our diet, countering oxidative damage caused by free radicals produced during our cells’ oxygen utilisation. Acting as vigilant scavengers, antioxidants neutralise or impede these free radicals, preventing and repairing potential harm.

Why Drink lonized Water?

Now, considering the significance of alkaline-ionized water, despite our body’s inherent safeguards for maintaining optimal blood pH, several factors make it a valuable addition:

Dietary Discrepancies

Alkaline-ionized water serves as a complementary measure, helping counteract nutritional imbalances that may arise due to dietary inconsistencies.

Processed and Acidic Foods

Diets abundant in processed and acid-producing foods can disrupt our internal balance. Alkaline-ionized water acts as a neutralising agent, working to counteract the acidic impact of such dietary choices.

Quality of Current Water

Alkaline-ionized water enhances water quality, ensuring it remains vibrant and avoiding the potential lifelessness of water deemed “dead” or contaminated.

Hydration Impact

Given that our bodies are predominantly water, the quality of the water we consume significantly influences its impact. Alkaline-ionized water, with its optimised properties, ensures a positive hydration impact.

Historical Water Purity

Reflecting on an era before industrialisation provides insight into water’s historical purity. Alkaline-ionized water seeks to emulate the untainted water sources that existed before the intrusion of contaminants.

Natural Mineral Balance

Revives the natural balance of minerals in water, reminiscent of a time when contaminants were absent. 


Embracing Alkaline-Ionized Water: A Nod to Water's Untainted Legacy

Amidst our bustling lifestyles and dietary compromises, the allure of alkaline-ionized water gains prominence. In a world where even “healthy” water may lack vitality, opting for alkaline-ionized water becomes a conscious choice. Reflect on an era free from industrial contaminants—water that was “living” and naturally balanced. Today, our water undergoes rigorous treatment, deviating from its pristine origins. Choosing alkaline-ionized water is a deliberate step towards reviving the untainted, naturally balanced essence that once nourished generations.

Uses of Alkaline Water


Consuming alkaline water post-exercise proves advantageous as it replenishes electrolyte balance threefold more effectively than other waters. Its smaller water cluster enables quicker absorption, aiding in faster recuperation and alleviating fatigue issues. Additionally, having a glass approximately an hour before bedtime can contribute to improved sleep quality.

Tea, Coffee, and Other Beverage

Alkaline water not only adds a refreshing touch but also enhances the overall flavour profile of beverages. The absence of an acidic taste or tang results in smoother-tasting drinks. 


Utilising alkaline water in cooking facilitates enhanced water absorption by food, elevating the natural taste and texture of the prepared dishes. The presence of smaller water molecules in alkaline water also accelerates the cooking process, ensuring quicker and more efficient culinary outcomes. When used in food preparation, alkaline ionized water may help reduce the overall acidic content in certain dishes. This is particularly relevant for individuals seeking a diet with a lower acid load.

Cleaning Produce

Ideal for washing fruits and vegetables, alkaline ionized water serves as a natural and effective means of removing pesticides and contaminants. This promotes a healthier and safer consumption of produce.

Houseplant Care

Certain plants thrive in alkaline conditions, and using ionized water provides an environment conducive to their well-being. This can contribute to healthier and more vibrant houseplants.

Skin Care

Alkaline ionized water, when used topically, is believed by some to offer potential benefits for the skin. Its slightly alkaline nature may contribute to maintaining skin health.

Pet Hydration

Providing alkaline ionized water to pets can contribute to their hydration needs. The optimised molecular structure may enhance water absorption, ensuring your pets stay adequately hydrated.

Enhanced Ice Cubes

Using alkaline ionized water to make ice cubes can contribute to a smoother and cleaner taste when added to beverages. The absence of impurities can enhance the overall quality of the ice.



ACIDIC WATER: Unleashing Its Multiple Applications

While the emphasis often lands on the benefits of alkaline water, the lesser-known counterpart, acidic water, boasts a multitude of applications. Beyond the realm of drinking, acidic water, produced by water ionizers, offers eco-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and user-friendly solutions. Notably, its disinfecting properties make it a powerhouse for household cleanliness. Use acidic water for:

Kitchen Cleaning

Ideal for washing cutting boards, countertops (excluding granite), sinks, and more. It aids in preventing food poisoning and tackles bacterial growth on surfaces.

Preparing Food
Rinse fresh produce, meat, and fish to prevent contamination, complementing the process with alkaline water if desired.

Spray Bottle Uses
Serve as a natural hand sanitiser, clean eyeglasses, mist your face, or remove strong odours from hands. It also stands as an alternative to chemical-laden hand sanitisers.

Acne and Skin Problems
The astringent effect of acidic water aids in treating or preventing acne, skin spots, and minor skin issues.

Cosmetics, Hair, and Bath

Rinse hair before and after shampooing to combat hair loss, dandruff, and itchy scalp. It serves as a natural aftershave, protecting against shaving rash.


Introduce acidic water into your pet’s bath routine for a lustrous and healthier coat. Its gentle disinfecting properties offer a thorough clean without harsh chemicals, making it ideal for pets with sensitive skin.

Embrace the versatility of acidic water for a range of practical and health-related purposes, aligning with the eco-conscious and health-conscious lifestyle. 

Disclaimer DO NOT DRINK Acidic Water:

Acidic water produced by ionizers is intended solely for external use, such as cleaning and pet care. Under no circumstances should acidic water be consumed by humans. It is not suitable for drinking and may pose health risks.

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