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External Pre - Filters

Welcome to the Aqualine Prime Pre-Filters page, where quality meets excellence. Our pre-filters are meticulously crafted to the highest standards, utilising premium quality materials to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Each pre-filter comes with a certification of quality and authenticity, providing you with the assurance of a superior product that delivers exceptional filtration results. Discover the difference with Aqualine Prime Pre-Filters and enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water with every use.

Pre-Filter Brackets

The Pre-Filter Brackets are essential for installing pre-filters in your water filtration system. These brackets provide sturdy support and allow for easy connection of 1/4 inch tubing, ensuring secure and stable installation.

Pre-Filter Brackets​

Available in three configurations – Single, Double, and Triple brackets – these versatile brackets cater to various installation needs. Each pre-filter can be purchased with its corresponding bracket, ensuring hassle-free setup. Additionally, if you purchase two or three pre-filters, you will receive a double or triple bracket, respectively, facilitating convenient installation of multiple filters. If you already have a Bracket and you require just a replacement Pre-Filter, please select Replacement Filter when purchasing

Upgrade your water filtration system with the Pre-Filter Brackets, designed for durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with 1/4 inch tubing.

Quick Installation Guide for Aqualine Prime Pre-Filters with Ionizers

Before beginning the installation or replacement process, it’s essential to turn off the water at the source valve. To install, simply push the pre-filter into the bracket and twist clockwise to secure it in place. When it’s time for a replacement, just twist and remove the old cartridge, then install the new pre-filter in its place. It’s that simple! Ensure a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water by following these easy steps every six months or as recommended.

Please note, when installing pre-filters with the Aqualine Prime Ionizers, you must ensure they are installed correctly by first connecting them to the water source and then connecting the pre-filter to the ionizer system.

What is the primary purpose of the Aqualine Prime Pre-Filter?

The Aqualine Prime Pre-Filter is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Aqualine Prime Ionizers to remove targeted contaminants from your water supply, ensuring cleaner and healthier water for consumption.

How often should I replace the pre-filter cartridge?

The pre-filter cartridge should be replaced approximately every 6 months to maintain optimal filtration performance and prolong the lifespan of your Aqualine Prime Ionizer system. Actual replacement frequency may vary depending on water quality and usage.

Is installation of the pre-filter complicated?

No, installation is very easy. Simply connect the pre-filter to the pre-filter bracket, which seamlessly integrates with your Aqualine Prime Ionizer system, providing hassle-free filtration.

Will using the pre-filter affect the performance of my Aqualine Prime Ionizer system?

No, the pre-filter is specifically engineered to enhance the performance of your Aqualine Prime Ionizer system by removing contaminants that can affect water quality and ionization efficiency. It ensures consistent water purity for optimal ionization results.

Can the pre-filter be used with other ionizer systems?

While the Aqualine Prime Pre-Filter is specifically designed for use with Aqualine Prime Ionizers, its universal fittings may allow for compatibility with some other ionizer systems. However, we recommend using it with Aqualine Prime products for optimal performance and compatibility.

Does the pre-filter require any maintenance?

Minimal maintenance is required for the pre-filter. Regularly check for any signs of clogging or reduced water flow, and replace the cartridge as needed, approximately every 6 months, to ensure continued filtration effectiveness.

Is the pre-filter compatible with well water systems?

Yes, the Aqualine Prime Pre-Filter is compatible with well water systems. However, certain water qualities such as well water may contain higher levels of contaminants that require additional filtration methods like Reverse Osmosis to ensure optimal water quality for your ionizer system. Please contact customer support for further information.

Will the pre-filter fit on my countertop or under my counter?

The pre-filter is designed to be versatile and can be placed either on your countertop or under your counter, depending on your preference and available space. Its compact design allows for flexible installation in various settings, ensuring convenient and efficient filtration wherever you choose to place it.

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