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Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter


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Introducing the Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter.
An innovative solution delivering significant benefits to your daily shower routine. It effectively removes harmful substances, providing relief for hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin, and dandruff. Infused with a soothing lemon fragrance, our shower filter revitalises your senses and reduces stress.

Key Benefits

  • Healthier Skin
    Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin. Our Vitamin C shower filter restores your skin’s natural balance, leaving it hydrated and rejuvenated.

  • Enhanced Hair Care
    Combat dandruff and enjoy healthier hair. The filter reduces chlorine’s harmful effects, resulting in shinier, more manageable locks.

  • Eczema Relief
    Minimise irritants in your water, potentially alleviating eczema symptoms for a more comfortable experience.

Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter

Immediate Skin and Hair Rejuvenation

The NSF Certified BPA-free 20 IN 1 Nano composite filter beads provide Maximum Water Filtration, eliminating contaminants, balancing pH levels, and Infusing Beneficial Minerals into your skin, nails, and hair right from the start!

Revitalise Your Shower Experience

This shower filter eliminates water odours and effectively removes harmful substances, providing relief for hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin, and dandruff. The soothing lemon fragrance revitalises your senses, reduces stress, enhances mood, and improves sleep quality.

Proven Effectiveness 

An Advanced Multi-Stage Filter significantly reduces Chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, and odours. Infused with Vitamin C, it enhances the purity of your shower water, promoting healthier skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails. Our filter also helps prevent scale buildup and repairs the damage caused by hard, chemical-laden water.


Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter


Long-Lasting Filters – 4-Month Lifespan

The Aqualine shower filter offers longer-lasting performance at a lower cost. Each filter is recommended for 3 to 4 months of use or 12,000 litres, depending on water pressure, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Opt for our economical set, featuring 1 host and 4 filters, providing worry-free benefits for up to 16 months.

Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter

Easy Installation – G1/2 Thread. Compatibility

We’ve made installation effortless for your convenience. Switching to our shower filter is quick and straightforward, requiring no tools. In just minutes, you can upgrade your shower, compatible with all types – fixed, rain, or handheld.

Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter

Main Shower Filter, 1 x Replacement Filter, Main Shower Filter and 3 x Replacement Filters, 3 x Replacement Filter, 4 x Replacement Filter

Product Specifications

Name: Shower Filter 

Model number: GX-KR15

Material: Food grade ABS

Net weight: 225g

Gross weight: 420g

Size: 64*64* 160mm

Range: 5-80°C

Filtration principle: stainless steel net + calcium sulfite + VC ball + lemon aroma beads imported from South Korea + stainless steel net.


  1. Aisha (verified owner)

    Leaves my skin feeling softer and hair shinier.

  2. Emily, S (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! The Aqualine shower filter has made my daily showers feel cleaner and more invigorating.

  3. Jenice K. (verified owner)

    Excellent shower filter. Recommended 10/10.

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    Aqualine Vitamin C Shower Filter
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