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Aqualine Prime R-Series – Citric Acid Cleaning Filter


Enhance the longevity and performance of your Aqualine Prime R-Series water ionizer with the Citric Acid Cleaning Filter. Designed for one=time use, it plays a vital role in maintaining the highest ionization power for years to come.
This simple cleaning procedure, recommended every 3 to 6 months or as needed, is your key to removing mineral build-up from the electrodes and membranes in the electrolysis chamber. By doing so, you ensure your water ionizer functions at its peak potential.

Full instructions for using the citric cleaning filter can be found in the Prime R series user manual on our support page. Please contact customer support if you need further assistance. 


Important Information : Please note that while the Citric Acid Cleaning Filter effectively helps descale your ionizer, in rare cases, mineral buildup may lead to complete blockage. If this occurs, we recommend purchasing our official Prime Ionizer Cleaning Kit, designed to tackle stubborn deposits and restore optimal performance. 


Disclaimer: When performing this cleaning process, always use the Purified water level exclusively to prevent potential damage.

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    Aqualine Prime R-Series – Citric Acid Cleaning Filter